Internal rules


It’s everybody’s responsibility to keep the box clean
  • No shirtless training, no proper athletic shoes or headgear is allowed. Only sport-related headgear, such as a sports bandana, is permitted. The reasons being accident and injury prevention and hygiene.
  • For reasons of hygiene and in order to keep the various training areas clean, each member must practice any activity within the complex in clean and appropriate sports shoes.
  • The use of a towel is mandatory during training, both in the box and during CrossFit classes.
  • Use the equipment only for its intended purpose. After the exercise, the equipment used must be cleaned with the products provided for this purpose. Moving parts (weights, dumbbells, etc.) must be put back in their place after use.
  • Food and non-reclosable containers are not permitted in the training areas.
  • Pets are not allowed in the club, except for service dogs. 
  • After showering, dry yourself in the wet area of the locker room to avoid unnecessary falls and soiling in the locker room. For hygiene reasons, shaving is not permitted in the locker room.
  • All garbage must be disposed of in the designated garbage cans.
No place for discrimination 
  • Verbal and/or physical abuse is prohibited. 
  • Sexual harassment, whether through inappropriate words or gestures, is prohibited. 
  • Any racist, sexist, homophobic or denigrating words or gestures will not be tolerated
  • The founders of CrossFit Ryborn are absolutely uncompromising regarding the anti-discrimination rules above, any person violating it could be immediately asked to leave the box and get their membership cancelled.
Let the box be a safe and pleasant space
  • Smoking, use and/or distribution of illegal substances is prohibited in the club.
  • In the training areas, it is not allowed to make phone calls or take pictures or films that could infringe on the privacy of the people present.
  • Instructions from CrossFit Ryborn staff must be respected and followed.
  • Personal belongings that are not necessary for the practice of the sport, such as coats, bags, etc., may not be brought into the training areas and must be stored in the lockers. We recommend that you do not bring valuables and that you use the lockers to store your belongings. The lockers are emptied daily. For liability in case of damage or theft, we refer to the current general conditions of CrossFit Ryborn.
  • Sales and/or promotional activities are not permitted without prior written approval from CrossFit Ryborn.
  • Lockers must be unlocked and emptied when you leave the club. If not, CrossFit Ryborn will reset the locks at the end of the day and dispose of the contents of the locker in the lost and found, without any dispute from the Member or right to compensation.
  • Coaching or personal training of other members in the box is prohibited.