Why is CrossFit
a game changer ?

Imported from the United States, CrossFit is perfect to give you (back) the taste for sport while obtaining results matching your efforts.

"We sweat together, we train together, we progress together"

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What is CrossFit ?

CrossFit is a sport discipline mixing gymnastics, cardio and weightlifting, aiming to develop a wide range of athletic capabilities. 

CrossFit workouts are called WODs (“Workout Of The Day”) and last approximatively one hour. They are made of functional movements performed at high-intensity level, by group of 15 members.

WODs allow to improve these 10 physical qualities : strength, musculaire endurance, cardiovascular endurance, power, agility, speed, stretching, psychomotor, precision and balance.

The pros of CrossFit

There are numerous advantages to the CrossFit practice !
Here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • Totally inclusive because adaptable to each age and level
  • Big diversity of movements to avoid lassitude
  • Intense workouts, no time for bordeom
  • Fast and visible results
  • Workouts in small groups for optimal coaching
  • Unmatched atmosphere and support


To sum up, CrossFit will train your body and mind to accomplish any movement. You will be better in the gym as well as in your daily life ! 

Beginner in CrossFit ?

Taking a fresh start in CrossFit can seem intimidating … unfairly !
You are constantly guided by the coach and supported by the group.

However, we schedule classes for beginners, specifically designed to smoothly introduce our new members to the movements and rhythm of the WODs.  These classes are taught by group of 8 members. A close coaching for a good start !

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