The premium box that
will challenge you daily

A unique CrossFit experience welcoming athletes from all levels

Where should I start ?

Take a breath, you could not get a better support !

CrossFit can seem intimidating from the outside … and that’s unfair !

Because CrossFit is accessible to everybody and has some major advantages compared to a classic gym.

CrossFit classes are taught by our passionate head coach to a group of 15 members. Enjoy a permanent and tailored support in addition to an amazing team spirit, that will give you this shot of motivation you need so much !

We are convinced that you will love training with us … That’s why we offer you 1 free workout to see it by yourself. And don’t forget to bring along  your favorite sport partner!

A passionate team

That will make YOUR wellbeing THEIR priority !

You would like to focus on your health, fitness and happiness ? Well, same for us ! Our team is definitely ready to help you reach your goals. Discover how !


A premium box

That has all you need to reach another level !

Located in a fabulous 600 m² hub right at the entrance of Arlon, CrossFit Ryborn provides its members with a stimulating workout space equipped with the best sport materials on the market. You can also chill in our lounge corner after a heated workout !

What we offer to transform your life



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